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Policy Initiatives and Actors

Mapping of Mission-Oriented Policy Initiatives and Actors

TRAMI’s Mapping supports the implementation of EU Missions by providing information on the different approaches towards implementing the five EU Missions across the different Member States and Associated Countries. It gives an overview on the current status of the development of mission governance structure, actor constellations and instrument portfolios in these countries.

The Mission data platform, an online database will become the repository for mission-oriented policies in the context of the EU Missions. Mapping and shared data allow for foresight and give the overview needed to make a complex Mission landscape accessible to all actors across Europe.


The TRAMI Survey about mission oriented research and innovation in EU still open!

Join efforts with other colleagues to promote mission oriented research and innovation in EU. Share your knowledge, experiences and insights and become part of a Community of Practice in two steps!

  1. Participate in the survey by following the linkIt will take 15 to max. 20 minutes to complete the survey.
  2. Please also forward this survey to your partners and to your wider network, to all those who may have experiences or interested in the implementation of the EU Missions.

This survey concerns the current perception and state of implementation of EU Missions as well as concrete experiences and examples of mission oriented innovation policy.

Questions about the questionnaire and the publication of the results? Contact

To learn more about Mapping and the Mission data platform and other TRAMI services, please sign up here.