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  • Researchers on a Mission

    Are you interested in finding out how groundbreaking research is already transforming our daily lives? Look no further!

    Watch the short documentaries and read our 10 feature stories that highlight the importance and success of researchers solving some of the world's most pressing challenges.

    Together, we can make a real difference in the world. Join researchers on a mission to protect our planet and society, by sharing, liking and following the stories of #ResearchImpactEU.

  • EU missions in Austria

    In the last 2 years, Austria has seen very serious attempts to develop governance structures and adjust policy instruments in order to be able to be able to implement missions – both at the national level as well as with respect to the 5 EU Missions. To this end, several platforms for ‘whole of government’ actions have been set up.

  • 7th Mutual Learning Event

    The 7th Mutual Learning Event in the TRAMI project focused on the design of National Mirror Board Structures for EU missions, in particular the benefits and challenge, took place online on the 9th November.

    Excellent speakers and great interaction from the participants.

  • The mission data platform is online

    We are happy to announce that our TRAMI Mission Data Platform has gone online!

    The Mission Data Platform is an online database and a dynamic repository that gathers, curates, and disseminates a broad spectrum of knowledge pertinent to mission-oriented policies in the context of the EU Missions, making the heterogeneity of mission policy approaches and implementation practices or our countries visible.

  • Report on the first European Mission Forum (EMiF)

    The 1st European Mission Forum (EMIF) was successfully delivered on 25 January 2023 as a large online event (via Zoom) by the team of the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) and in collaboration with a range of TRAMI partners. It connected EU Missions stakeholders from the business sector, civil society organisations, governmental actors and the wider research and innovation community. The event provided participants with the opportunity to learn about other EU Mission actors from outside their usual networks.